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Mutton Biryani-Kolkata style

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Biryani, what can I say about this dish? It is already been talked about so much. Biryani has its own long journey from Middle East to India. There are many different variants of Biryanis cooked throughout this world. Only in India, there is almost 15 or 16 different style of making Biryani.The biryani I made is the Kolkata (Calcutta) style. This particular type has evolved from Awadhi/Lucknowi style. When the last Nawab (king) of Awadh, Wajid Ali shah was exiled to Kolkata, along came his personal chef, so did the Biryani.Being a Bong, I love the Kolkata style Biryani. Few days ago my friend Suchismita posted a Mutton Biryani photograph from her kitchen, and it was so lively that it was difficult to keep it out of my head. And when my friend Ronita asked me for the Kolkata style Biryani recipe I couldn’t stop myself and cooked a bowlful (rather handiful) of Mutton Biryani for me and my family.I combined several different recipes to make this Mutton Biryani. A special thanks to my mom and my friend Pinki and Satyaki.

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OPENING : 7:50 AM To 8:50 PM

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